The Company

Eurogat Ltd. is part of the Eurogat Group, with Eurogat SA starting in 1991 and being one of the most dynamic and important companies in the trade of coffee machines and bar equipment for professionals «» (hotel, restaurant , coffee shop) as well as high-end espresso coffee machines for individuals covering markets in Greece and Cyprus.

Eurogat Ltd. is on the Bulgarian market since 2007. It is a specialized company in its field with a unique identity, which successfully responds to the changing market conditions, constantly improving its positions and services. Eurogat Ltd. offers its customers innovative high quality products and a variety of options related to coffee and the full range of modern bar equipment, providing complete solutions and services. From its inception, it recognized the importance of promoting the barista profession, the importance of coffee professionals in the development of coffee culture by supporting their actions and initiatives.


The company has been developed on the grounds of a business model that aims to create added value and mutual benefit for its partners, suppliers and customers. This model is created on the basis of eternal human values, honesty, accountability, dignity, respect for rights, social responsibility, which are fundamental and unchanging elements of its culture.

The Eurogat Group is strategically investing in the careful selection of partners and in the creation of international collaborations to improve its products, technologies and innovations, providing the best quality and service to its customers.

The goal of Eurogat Ltd. is to provide high quality products, flexible solutions and services that are increasingly trusted by customers and partners in the coffee, catering and tourism industries.